• Vinyl Deck Railing

    Photo by Juhan Sonin
    A vinyl deck railing is suitable for just about any style of house. There is just so much variety in the style of vinyl railing available. It is a truly versatile kind of material. Vinyl is a great choice for the owner who wants a deck railing that is highly durable and strong, that will last a long time, that will not demand regular and costly maintenance, and that will not become stained and weathered over the years.

    A Range of Styles

    Do you have a stately colonial manor? You can find white manor-style railings that offer just the right style of understated elegance. Do you have a country-style home with a wood floor decking? You can install vinyl railing painted with a wood grain pattern that will match your home’s look perfectly. What if you are going for a brazen contemporary design? You can get modern-style vinyl railing that comes in many bold and flashy colors, or pastel hues, or whatever you might prefer. The possibilities are almost limitless.

    Vinyl, Wood, or Metal?

    Here’s something else you should know about vinyl deck railing: In the long run, it won’t cost you as much as wood or metal deck railing. Sure, the vinyl type of railing may appear to be more expensive at first glance. But that doesn’t take into account the lifetime cost of the material. Vinyl requires little to no maintenance. It may need to be washed every now and then, but that’s nothing compared to wood, which requires repainting and sanding on an annual basis. Vinyl is basically immune to weathering, corrosion, and rust, unlike wrought iron. When you add up the lifetime costs of each material, you will find that vinyl turns out to be highly competitive against wood and metal.

    A 21st Century Material

    Vinyl is a technological marvel. It is an engineered material that is mostly composed out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. The result is a product that is very strong and durable. Vinyl is capable of maintaining a pristine appearance for a very long period of time. This type of material is powerfully resistant against fading, yellowing, and staining. Vinyl pieces can be reinforced to increase their degree of rigidity. If you are given a choice of vinyl deck railing systems, try to get one that comes with reinforced supporting pieces to ensure that parts such as rail posts and top and bottom rails have sufficient rigidity and strength.

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